The Sekulić Law Office founded in 1992 is based in Belgrade. The law firm consists of three generations of lawyers in the family Sekulić.

The lawyers team is a succesful compound of experience represented by the founder of the firm and dynamic young lawyers dedicated to business matters and their clients both in the Republic of Serbia and out of its boundaries.

The Sekulić Law Office offers professional expertise, accuracy, reliability, percistence, discretion and very high ethical standards which are our primary features and recognition of a professional approach and attitude of lawyers in this firm.

The professional team of this family firm, in a complex and thorough way, isolate all possible solutions to the problems of our numerous clients, in all aspects of law, representing and defending them before all courts and governmental agencies and third parties in the country and abroad.

The Sekulić Law Office maintains efficiency, commitment and expertise which are established in the best interest of our clients and with the most complex cases of business and commercial law, criminal acts, all kinds of litigation and cases of domestic and foreign legal parties.

Since the foundation of the firm, every council and every case settled have built a number of references and recommendations for the lawyers in this firm.

The Sekulić Law Office has achieved numerous contacts and cooperated with many other firms and entities of governmental and non-governmental sectors in achieving the highest standards of respect for human rights and fighting against all kinds of discrimination.